50 lakh cognisable crimes registered across country in 2017: NCRB report

NEW DELHI: Over 50 lakh cognisable crimes were registered across the country in 2017, showing a 3.6% rise over 2016. While 61.2% of the cases were registered under IPC, 38.8% share was of special and local laws (SLL) cases, according to crime statistics put out by the National Crime Records Bureau(NCRB) for the year 2017.
Registration of IPC cases rose by 2.9% during 2017 and SLL cases by 4.8%, as compared to 2016.
Murder cases registered across the country in 2017 declined by almost 6% to 28,653 from 30,450 cases in 2016, according to NCRB data. Disputes was the motive behind the highest number of murder cases registered (7,898) in 2017, followed by personal vendetta or enmity (4,660 cases) and gain (2,103 cases).
A total of 9.89 lakh cases of offences affecting the human body were registered, which accounted for 32.3% of total IPC crimes in 2017. Of these 9.89 lakh, hurt (4,94,617 cases) accounted for maximum cases (50%), followed by cases of causing death by negligence (1,42,794) and assault on women with intent to outrage her modesty (86,001) accounting for 14.4% and 8.7% respectively.
NCRB reported 95,893 cases of kidnapping and abduction having been registered during 2017, an increase of 9.0% over 2016 (88,008 cases). During 2017, a total of 96,650 kidnapped or abducted persons (24,721 male and 71,929 female) were recovered of which 94,658 persons were recovered alive and 1,992 persons were dead.
As many as 8,051 cases of offences against public tranquillity were registered under various sections of IPC during 2017, out of which rioting (58,880 cases) accounted for 75.4% of total such cases.
Majority of cases under crimes against women out of total IPC crimes against women were registered under 'cruelty by husband or his relatives' (33.2%) followed by assault on women with intent to outrage her modesty (27.3%), kidnapping and abduction of women (21%) and rape (10.3%).
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