CNNs John Avlon Says Trumps Embrace Of Nationalism Clashes With American Exceptionalism: Not A Tribe-Based Nation

Nick Givas | Media And Politics Reporter

CNN senior political analyst John Avlon said President Donald Trumps embrace of nationalism conflicts with the idea of American exceptionalism on “New Day” Tuesday.

“The most important thing is that throughout American history, there is a fundamental difference between patriotism and nationalism,” Avlon said. (RELATED: CNNs John Avlon Says Trumps Twitter Fight With Stormy Daniels Sums Up The State Of America In 2018)

“And this president is saying, Im all in on the nationalism front. And that obliterates a lot of what weve understood is American exceptionalism — that we are a creed-based nation, not a tribe-based nation.”

CNN political analyst David Gregory also spoke out on Trumps nationalism during the segment and implied the death of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi was caused by a lack of globalist policies.

“I think the idea of being a nationalist and rejecting globalism is a serious point,” Gregory said.


“One, it does speak to the shortcomings of globalism as weve defined it since the early 90s and who has been left behind from globalization, which is a real argument to make as a political figure. The more nefarious piece of it is to be a protectionist … but its the idea of retreat and self-isolation as America and a rejection of our responsibilities around the globe. And that I think goes back to the issue of Saudi Arabia.”

Gregory said the Saudi Arabian government might have felt emboldened and might have viewed the Trump administration as being “too weak” to respond.

“The question that to me is unanswered, which is why did the Saudis feel they could get away with this given their relationship with the United States?” he said.

“They either felt that the administration was too weak, or they felt they might be sympathetic at some measure and that they would put our interests in countering Iran and our arms deals over such a gross violation of human rights and straight out murder.”

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