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What your latte says about you

Forget espresso with hot milk – there is a whole world of extreme lattes out there. So are you the Albert Camus or the Jackson Pollock of cafe culture?

Mushroom latte. That’s where civilisation is at in 2017. Where previous generations were blessed with space flight, antibiotics or a deeper understanding of Copernican heliocentrism, this one gets fungus-flavoured milk. Indeed, the mushroom latte is the latest (latte-est?) in a long line of recent hot-drink sensations – the matcha latte, the blue algae latte, the turmeric latte – and somehow manages to surpass them all by sounding not just unfathomably weird but also genuinely unpleasant. Well done, mushroom latte!

However, delve deeper into the world of Extreme Lattes and you’ll discover that mushroom ones are nothing special. There are beetroot lattes, carrot cake lattes and lavender lattes out there. There are sake lattes and egg lattes. There is even a glitter latte and a pearl latte, proving that when you have run out of every known foodstuff – pulled pork latte, anyone? – you can simply move into the world of the inedible. But what do such drinks tell us about the person who buys them?

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