Everton ballboy wins Super Sunday by pranking millions of TV viewers behind Alexis Sanchez’s back

Everton ballboy wins Super Sunday with savage prank behind Alexis Sanchez's back
Utter savagery from this Everton ballboy at Goodison Park… (Picture: Sky Sports)

You probably thought north London won Super Sunday after both Arsenal and Tottenham saw off the weekend’s action with convincing victories. You thought wrong.

A ballsy Everton ballboy, during the Gunners’ 5-2 victory at Goodison Park, managed to get one over on the millions of viewers watching by bringing back ‘the circle game’.

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Mesut Ozil starred as Arsenal stormed to an away win after Wayne Rooney’s opener but it was this Everton ballboy who truly stole the show.

For those unfamiliar with ‘the circle game’, it’s what kids did about 15 years ago to justify beating the crap out of each other before inevitably getting put in detention – look it up, old people.

After forming an ‘OK’ sign below one’s waist, one is ‘allowed’ to whack whoever looks at the sign on the shoulder.

Everton ballboy wins Super Sunday with savage prank behind Alexis Sanchez's back
It’s thought the game spread after featuring on ‘Malcolm in the Middle’

A number of football fans spotted the youngster’s prank behind Alexis Sanchez’s back and took to social media to hail his cajones. Troy Deeney surely approved.

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All those who spotted the ballboy’s antics at Goodison Park can expect a knock on the door in the coming days. You’re owed a punch.

No whinging, either. Them’s the rules.

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