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2.7M Europeans affected by Facebook, Cambridge Analytica scandal

Up to 2.7 million Europeans were caught up in the data scandal involving Facebook and Cambridge Anal..


AP Source: ATP Finals moving to Turin from 2021-25

ROME (AP) — The ATP Finals is moving to the Italian city of Turin in 2021. A person with knowledge ..


Fresh quakes as volcanic eruption rumbles on

Fresh earthquakes have hit Hawaii's Big Island, where a volcanic eruption has forced more than ..


The Media Targets Young Autistic Woman With Doorway Debbie Narrative

At first, it appeared to be just another story about a white person calling the cops on a black pers..


Paris hospitals acknowledge Yellow Jacket data disclosed

Paris hospitals on Wednesday acknowledged information about Yellow Jacket protesters was inappropria..


Zuckerberg survives but Facebook still has problems

WASHINGTON — A composed and contrite Mark Zuckerberg held up under hours of grilling by more than 40..


How Big Techs ties to Ireland threaten data privacy around the world

Nearly a year after landmark EU regulation, chief enforcer has yet to take a single action agaiRead ..

Latin America

Migrant boy, 3, found crying and alone on US border

A three-year-old migrant boy was found in tears as he wandered alone in a Texas cornfield near the US-Mexico border, officials say. US Border Patrol

Latin America

The 5 Most Pressing Questions About Influencer Marketing Answered by Band of Insiders, Best Buy, Bimbo, and Pepsico

What: During the seventh edition of the #PortadaMX summit, experts in Influencer Marketing took the stage to discuss best practices surrounding this


Zuckerberg: Facebook will apply EU data privacy standards globally

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said today his company intends to implement Europes beefed-up privacy s..