WHO investigating sexual abuse allegations amid Ebola fight in DR Congo

Issued on: 29/09/2020 – 22:03 The World Health Organization said Tuesday it was investigating allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse by people identifying themselves as the UN agencys workers fighting Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Advertising Read more The WHO said its leadership and staff were "outraged" by recent reports of sexual abuse by people saying they were working for the UN health agency in the Ebola fight in the DRC. "The actions allegedly perpetrated by individuals identifying themselves as working for WHO are unacceptable and will be robustly investigated," it said in a statement. "The betrayal of people in the communities we serve is reprehensible," it said, stressing that "we do not tolerate such behaviour in any of our staff, contractors or partners." The WHO pointed out it had a "zero tolerance policy with regard to sexual exploitation and abuse". "Anyone identified as being involved will be held to account and face serious consequences, in..

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