Wildfire destroys homes and forces evacuations in northern California

Firefighters responded immediately to a call received at 3:26 p.m. local time Wednesday, according to Suisun City Fire Chief Justin Vincent. When the fire department arrived, there were people trying to evacuate as many animals as possible, Vincent said. The department told the people if they left, firefighters would run back into the flames and try to release the animals. Foxes and coyotes were released along with other animals, but some of the birds were lost — including some flightless owls. There have been no injuries to the public or firefighters at this time, Vincent said. Heavy winds and a temperature of over 100 degrees have accompanied the fire, which spread from the wildlife center to homes in Suisan City. At least seven homes have been lost, about 15 are directly threatened and more than 100 are indirectly threatened, Vincent said Wednesday. Half of the firefighters are battling the fire and half are trying to save structures. The fire was still not under control Wednesday night.Cal Fire is handling air operations with helicopters and planes doing retardant and water drops across the city. There are about 200 firefighters on scene with 24 enginRead More – Source