Nashville police capture third escaped teen inmate, leaving one at large

Morris Marsh, 17, was taken into custody Friday night after a vehicle pursuit, the Metro Nashville Police Department said. Marsh is accused in the April killing of Charles Easley, police have said.He and the other teens fled the Davidson County Juvenile Detention Facility Nov. 30 after being left unsupervised, police said.Only one teen Brandon Caruthers, 17, remains at large. He was placed on the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations' most wanted list after fleeing the detention center. Caruthers is being charged as an adult in an armed robbery case from August 2018, police said.Decorrius Wright, 16, and Calvin Howse, 15, were recaptured Tuesday in Madison, Tennessee, Nashville police tweeted. Wright is accused in the February death of Nashville musician Kyle Yorlets, police said. Howse was arrested in November on charges of gun possession and auto theft, police said.Wright's 15-year-old girlfriend was also arrested on suspicion of being an accessory after the fact of escape. She is accused of criminal responsibility for facilitation of a felony, accessory after the fact of escape, harboring, tampering with evidence and lying to police.

Teens escaped through the front door

Videos released Tuesday by the Davidson County Juvenile Court show the teens as they make their way outside the Davidson County Juvenile Detention Center in downtown Nashville. Three were shown wearing bright yellow vests.The teens escaped the facility Saturday after the 9 p.m. usual bedtime when a staff supervisor left them unsupervised as they cleaned an area inside the facility. The supervisor went to a different floor to address a disturbance, the company managing the center said.They entered an elevator that hRead More – Source