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Life Picks Podcast: Catch French drama-comedy An Easy Girl and savour fresh, tasty min jiang kueh

Life Picks Ep 58: Catch French drama-comedy "An Easy Girl" and where to savour fresh, tasty min jiang kueh (pancakes)

15:23 mins

Synopsis: Every Thursday, The Straits Times highlights the best films, concerts, restaurants and arts events you can catch in Singapore over the coming weeks.

This week, Money FM's Claressa Monteiro chats with ST's film correspondent John Lui about the lighthearted French drama-comedy An Easy Girl, which tells the story of two women, one an awkward teen, the other an older woman who uses her sexuality to get what she wants, and how they spend one memorable summer together in the South of France.

It will screen this Sunday Nov 17, 8 pm at the Alliance Francaise. Tickets and bookings here.

ST's food critic Hedy Khoo shares about min jiang kueh (pancakes) from He He Min Jiang Kueh at Hougang Hainanese Village Centre, stuffed with the tasty traditional fillings: red bean, peanut and coconut.

What's special about this stall is the stall owners make the red bean filling from scratch every two days, and the coconut filling is made daily, from fresh grated coconut. They also prepare the batter daily.

Produced by: Claressa Monteiro & ST Lifestyle desk

Edited by: Jon Silva & Penelope Lee

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