Man made honorary deputy fire chief after visiting the firehouse almost every day for 55 years

Gregory Greene, 65, was rescued from a fire at his home as a 10-year-old boy. Afterward, his father took him by the firehouse for Engine 20, Ladder 5, the unit that responded to his house fire. He then spent nearly every day helping with chores and visiting the firefighters at the firehouse, according to the city. Green was made an honorary deputy chief on Friday for his service at the annual meritorious awards ceremony for the fire department, according to the department's Facebook page. "He had a scanner," Capt. Stephen Drenna told CNN affiliate WABC-TV. "At the smell of smoke in the neighborhood, he'd be out there 3, 4 o'clock in the morning, filling bottles, giving us coffee, doing all of the that." He received a standing ovation and salutes from firefighters who received awards during the ceremony, according to WABC, showing how much he meant to the firefighters and the whole department. "I'm blessed," he told WABC-TV. "To me, it was like being home away from home … Read More – Source