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Canon's new Pixmar TS9570 and TS8270 printers can let you print nail art. Cool.

Aloysius Low/CNET

If you're always changing your nails, you're probably used to spending big money on manicures or spending hours learning new DIY techniques. But Canon's latest printer offers a surprising alternative: It prints out nail art.

Or rather, it prints out nail art stickers, which you can paint onto your nails. Close enough?

I'm not the target audience for this feature — I like to keep my nails natural — but I bet there are people out there who'd be interested in a shortcut to cool new nail designs.

The Canon PIXMA TS9570 and TS8270 isn't just a sticker machine. It can print wrapping paper (while using less ink) and it can handle standard office tasks such as double-sided printing, The TS9570 can also print out A3 sized paper, which could be useful for making the kind of home-printed signs you sometimes see at sports matches.

But never mind the boring printer stuff. Here's how the nail art works.

First you design your nail art using the Canon Nail Sticker Creator App and send it to the printer. It'll be printed onto a pre-cut sheet of nail stickers, which you can peel off and stick to your nails. Then just buff away the edges and apply a top coat so the design doesn't wash away.

It's simple and it works. Now I just have to figure out if I should get a matching set.


Nailed it.

Aloysius Low/CNET

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