‘We carry your colors on our chest’: Peru fans wave huge ‘positive message’ jersey in Moscow center

Peru fans continue to make their presence felt in the centre of Moscow with a huge shirt designed for fans from all over the world to scribble down positive messages to the team.

The South American nation are celebrating their first World Cup appearance in 36 years since Spain '82 and are wasting no time in making it a trip to remember.

On Moscow's Nikolskaya Street, a stone's throw from Red Square, dozens of Peru fans unfolded a huge flag in the shape and colors of a Peruvian team shirt.

Peru fan Leo told RT that the shirt is from the city of Trujillo in northwestern Peru, known as the birthplace of the nation's traditional dance, marinera.

"The idea is to send a message, this is from a city called Trujillo in Peru," Leo said. "So these people are Peruvian fans and they brought this to Russia just so everyone can sign it and write positive messages. Hopefully Peru are going to do a really good World Cup!"

Fans used the shirt as a flag to wave while they broke out into a rendition of "We're in Russia, we're here to win", behind another flag with the message "We carry your colors on our chest."

Passersby could be seen kneeling and etching their own sentiments onto the shirt.

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