The Browns Are Somehow Debating Between Josh Allen And Baker Mayfield

The Cleveland Browns are reportedly only debating between Josh Allen and Baker Mayfield for their first pick in the upcoming draft.

This isnt exactly new, but we now have more confirmation coming from Dan Patrick. If he says its true, then I very much believe him.

Dan Patrick on @dpshow citing a source who told him #Browns are choosing between Baker Mayfield and Josh Allen for No. 1 pick echoing what @DustinFox37 has said. Josh Rosen and Sam Darnold off the board.

— Daryl Ruiter (@RuiterWrongFAN) April 23, 2018

This move makes such little sense to me that I dont even know where to begin. How are Rosen and Darnold “off the board” for the Browns? Who is making the decisions over there?

I really didnt buy into these rumors at first, but the fact Dan Patrick is now saying them really makes me think that theyre true. I have no idea what the Browns are doing. This is such an easy choice to pick Darnold, and theyre in prime position to royally screw it up.

You could give a kid on a PS4 the right to make the pick and he wouldnt screw it up. Darnold should go first overall. Why is this so difficult? Watching the Browns circus act will never stop being entertaining.

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