FS1’s Whitlock: ‘Adults Need to Take Back Control’ of the NFL

byTrent Baker4 Dec 20170

In a segment about New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski’s late hit on Buffalo Bills cornerback Tre’Davious White, Fox Sports 1 “Speak for Yourself” co-host Jason Whitlock called on the “adults” to regain control of the NFL during his Monday broadcast.

“What’s going on in the NFL this year?” future Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez asked, citing some of the “all-out brawls” on the field this season and Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters throwing a penalty flag into the stands Sunday.

Co-host Colin Cowherd pointed to the declining ratings and NFL players’ “empowerment” in the new celebration rule as reasons for players’ “bad judgment.”

Whitlock blamed Kaepernick and the youth around the league for players acting out more.

“Why not blame Colin Kaepernick?” Whitlock stated “This is where it’s coming from.”

He added, “[T]he adults need to take back control of this league because there’s a lot of money at stake. And the players don’t realize it, they all think, ‘Oh, I’m making lifetime, generational wealth, and I’ll never need the NFL again.’ That’s all bogus.”

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