Which tablet should I buy with a £350 budget?

Dave and his partner need a new 10in tablet now that their old Samsung Tab 2 10.1 is slow. What is the best Android option – or should they try an iPad?

We want a new tablet to replace our old Samsung Tab 2 10.1, which has become very slow when we are browsing the shopping sites that my other half uses. We want a 10in screen and good enough performance that it will last several years.

We both have Moto G4 smartphones, and going away from Android seems to me to make life more complex. We’re not likely to pay for iPhones with a decent screen size at any point in the future. But she is being persuaded by friends that Apple is wonderful and an iPad will work for longer than an Android tablet.

I prefer to buy technology from real shops as you can get better after sales service, but are we likely to get any bargains on Black Friday? Dave

I generally recommend people stick with what they know. That makes the best use of their hard-earned experience and “motor memory”. It also makes sense to buy an Android tablet to go with your Android phones. Of course, that shouldn’t stop you from buying something different if there are clear benefits.

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