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There are so many mass shootings in the US that Trump has started to mix them up

After yet another horrific shooting in the US, Donald Trump sent this message out on Twitter today.

Except that was nine days ago, the Texas church shooting that left at least 26 dead.

This latest shooting was in California where a gunman killed four people at several different locations including a school.

So either the so-called president was nine days late with this hugely helpful ‘thoughts and prayers’ – or there are so many shootings in the US right now he just got mixed up.

Here’s how people replied to Trump.

You are aware that the shooting today happened in California, and that the shooting in Texas happened 9 days ago, right?

— seanpw81 (@seanpw81) November 15, 2017

Did u just copy & paste this & forget to change the city?

— Name cannot be blank (@cadillaccannon) November 15, 2017

Ummm, did you mean the mass shooting in California? I can understand why it would be easy to mix mass shootings up, as they happen every other week.

— Frizzie Frizzstein (@bringonthesong) November 15, 2017

Oh, and don’t worry, I grabbed a screenshot for when you delete this later.

— Frizzie Frizzstein (@bringonthesong) November 15, 2017

And here’s how other people responded online.


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