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This person thinks they invented something new and it’s just brilliant

Here’s something new you might not have heard about before. It’s quite big among millennials apparently. It’s called ‘co-living’.



— Yulie [NSFL] ? (@sugarsh0t) November 13, 2017

So much to enjoy from the whole article (which you can read here).

Here are a few highlights.

You’ve heard about co-working spaces where several businesses or entrepreneurs get together to work, but have you ever heard of co-living?

Each has their own space, but some rooms are shared. It’s another real Millennial innovation from the generation who are always rewriting the rules of the game. Could co-living be the new way to get by?

You need to choose with great care the people who will share your daily life. What are their values, what is your vision of sharing and intimacy, and what do you wish to create together? Establishing the guidelines and regulations before the project gets off the ground are essential for its success.

The pros: Creating more affordable housing, living with people who share the same affinities, living in a community with constant social stimulation

The cons: Having to adjust your needs to those of the group, taking an obligatory part in community life, the necessity to run errands or do chores for the group

Have you ever co-lived? What was it like? Would you recommend it to others?

Here’s what people made of it on Twitter.


I’m waiting for some Silicon Valley startup to reinvent breathing

— Chloe Deguzman (@taitaisanchez) November 13, 2017


I don't understand why this has made me so annoyed

— Erica Teegan (@EricaTeegan) November 13, 2017


maybe because it's dumb af

— Yulie [NSFL] ? (@sugarsh0t) November 13, 2017


Imagine sitting and thinking that hard about house sharing that you suddenly think you've picked up on a new trend

— Erica Teegan (@EricaTeegan) November 13, 2017


an amazing new disruptive trend among millennials!!

— Andrew Cunningham ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? (@AndrewWrites) November 13, 2017


Wait til one of them invents splitting shelves in the refrigerator and writing their names on the milk.

— Cantus (@_Cantus) November 13, 2017


"Living as a service" is officially my new favourite unironically dystopian tech concept.

As is calling your disruptive start-up 'The Collective', frankly.

— Nat themself (@quarridors) November 13, 2017



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