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Someone created a ‘manufactured outrage calendar’ and the suggestions kept pouring in

Here’s your cut out and keep ‘manufactured outrage’ calendar for the year ahead, by @webofevil on Twitter.

It’s so accurate you can set your Daily Mail by it.

I think we're there.

— The Web of Evil (@webofevil) November 14, 2017

And yet the suggestions kept pouring in. Don’t forget to add yours in the comments.


Turner Prize winner announcement meltdown day? "Why can't they just paint, like proper artists?"

— Martin Dore (@DoreMartin) November 14, 2017


MOBO awards.

— John Rain (@MrKenShabby) November 14, 2017


The beginning of October also features 'Black history month' rage.

— Harriet Flashman (@HarrietFlashmam) November 14, 2017


Can we fit in "Sack the England Manager! after WC/Euros exit? June-July. Usually June tbh, we exit quite early.

— ColinB. (@bcolinp) November 14, 2017


First two weeks of November needs to be "CHRISTMAS AD CONTROVERSY"

— James the anxious and angry European (@corneliusbeers) November 14, 2017


You could break up the burkhini monotony in June with "Degrees are getting easier/Mickey Mouse degrees/anything by Andrew Adonis"

— Phil Purnell (@PhilPurnell) November 14, 2017


For January: "Easter Eggs in the shops ALREADY?"

— Citizen Sane (@citizen_sane) November 14, 2017


March 1st, March 17th: "We can't even celebrate St George's Day?" spoiler alert trailers.

— Cupking11 (@cupking11) November 14, 2017


A thing of beauty.

— McP (@marcpaters0n) November 14, 2017



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