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Someone tweeted this about their dad and the response was just amazing

Over on Twitter @ORachealO posted this about her dad and why she finds it difficult it Christmas.

Nowhere and no time do I miss my dad more acutely than in the men’s department of M&S at Christmas.

— Rachael Prior (@ORachaelO) November 11, 2017

She explained it a little bit more, prompting a whole load of lovely responses from a bunch of lovely people which were sad and funny all at the same time.

If I see another reasonable priced, deep red angora mix sweater with a ribbon round it I’m going to actually have a breakdown.

— Rachael Prior (@ORachaelO) November 11, 2017

Here are just a few of them (and you can follow the whole lot here).


Oh, this. Solidarity, pal. My kryptonite is literally any useless object made of pewter which can be engraved with initials for a small extra cost.

— John (@JM_Underwood) November 11, 2017


Oh god. My dad’s tankard, identical to your description, is our home office pencil pot. Hugs back x

— Rachael Prior (@ORachaelO) November 11, 2017


Have my dad’s tankard as pencil pot too. X

— Emma Fielding (@emmagafielding) November 11, 2017


I cried in Wilkinson’s the other day cause my dad loved all their Christmas stuff – the tackier, the brighter, the noisier, the sparklier the better. It’s the wee things eh? Hugs

— Harmonica (@lora4dan) November 11, 2017


This might sound daft, but when my Dad passed (4 years ago, now), I took possession of his aftershave (Old Spice). The bottle’s long-since finished, but I won’t throw it away. Big hugs to you xxx

— Mouth of Sauron (@simon_lindsell) November 11, 2017


Sadly never met my boyfriend’s father but I say hi to him everytime I use his Pyrex dish and funny looking plate trying to be a bowl! Love this thread x

— Elizabeth Herridge (@HeresHerridge) November 12, 2017


My mum used to use leaf tea and I still have a box of it in my cupboard even though it went out of date 16 years ago (mum died 17 years ago, day after my birthday) Husband understands this and knows not to throw it out x

— ☕Kathleen ☕ (@HippyRockChick) November 12, 2017


My dad passed away on Christmas Day last year – still can’t listen to his voicemails on my phone. I will read The Night Before Christmas to my kids on Christmas Eve, like he used to with me, but I’m not sure I will get through it.

— Becky Maxwell (@beanmax) November 12, 2017


My partner has been gone eight years now, he always read The Night Before Christmas, even before our son came along. Tom is 18 now and we still read it together, it brings his dad back, even if just momentarily. Keep up the tradition ❤️

— Katy Grove (@clockendkaty) November 12, 2017


My mum, I think, still exists in the Christmas sweets section of Lake land in Cambridge

— Rachel Burton (@bookish_yogi) November 11, 2017


my daughters Christmas stocking she’s had since she was born. First Christmas without her due to cancer. She was 27 and a new mom

— RobynD (@twittybird55) November 11, 2017


Dad. 4 years- cancer. I keep his pen knife in my paintbox to sharpen my pencils and his fire gauntlet by my stove. When I put in on it’s like I’m holding his hand. Sometimes the pain comes from nowhere like spotting a perfect gift for him that I’ll never be able to give.

— Jill Griffin (@jillgriffinart) November 12, 2017


Lost my Dad just after 3 days after Xmas a few years ago. I kept his M&S talc and wear it sometimes when I feel stressed or low. The smell of it makes him feel closer. (Xmas never been the same since tbh)

— Fiona Collie (@tartan1314) November 12, 2017


I played Southend tonight. Every time I have I was stressed because my parents were in the audience.
This time I was aware that they were not.

— Alison Moyet (@AlisonMoyet) November 11, 2017


Remarkable thread – and then Alison Moyet turns up

— Paul Hanna (@paul4july) November 12, 2017


This thread is pure goosebumps. Lost my dad 4 years ago after a short illness. He never got to wear the sweater mum bought him. Although it’s not my kind of thing, I wear it with pride. Thank you for sharing everyone, it’s nice to know I’m not alone.

— Justin Messenger (@Jutster73) November 12, 2017


I remember my Dad’s last Christmas Day and how he struggled to open his presents but was so thankful for them. He died the next morning and Christmas has never been the same. Thank you for everything Dad.

— Steve LFC (@Stevepsrv) November 11, 2017

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