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Finally someone put the 280 character limit on Twitter to good use

Well here’s a story and a half.

To everyone in the traffic jam on the A3 south of Guildford this morning who got out of the way of the crazy guy flashing his lights and honking his horn – Thank you so much. We made it. Just. Mother and baby are doing great.

— Pete Thomas (@pedrothomas) November 12, 2017

How much for the film rights?

Whaaat!… You all ok? X

— Sarra Elgan Easterby (@Sarraelgan) November 12, 2017

Yes thanks. It was all ok…in the end. Becs did great. Little man (9lbs9 so not that little) is loving the world!

— Pete Thomas (@pedrothomas) November 12, 2017

A-ha! So it was you.
52 in a 30mph zone, ticket on the way.

— Peter Davis (@alfapete) November 12, 2017

Everyone will chip in for that ticket!

— Jenny Foxcroft (@Jenlozhon) November 12, 2017

I’ve no idea who you are but congratulations and thank you for sharing your wonderful news ?❤️?

? ? Beth ? ? (@DaisyMcBeth) November 12, 2017

congratulations! Homebirth next time?!

— Susan (@paddington101) November 12, 2017


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