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Young people are just as preoccupied with class as their parents

Britain’s social hierarchy still affects everything from our political system to our universities to our TV shows

The other day, while on a plane flying out of the UK, I spotted an article about the most British thing created for the internet since cyclist v motorist videos. I read that 8,000 of the UK’s super-elite use a classified, invitation-only network where they trade grouse-shooting tips, let out lavish holiday homes and funnel paid internships to their kids.

Dubbed “Gumtree for the posh”, but known by the decidedly less sexy name Radio H-P, the advertising site and online club was founded by truffle entrepreneur (not a fake job) Nigel Hadden-Paton, who personally invites each new member and vets the suitability of prospective candidates by asking about their background.

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