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A letter to … my children to tell them I am transgender

The letter you always wanted to write

I still feel guilty that your mum and I separated and that she and I still don’t talk to each other. I know how painful the separation was for you, and I am grateful that you are still in my life. But now I feel I am going to cause you even further heartache and confusion when I tell you that I am transgender and hope to begin living full-time as a woman very soon.

Indeed, I already live most of my life as a woman – I have even transitioned within my workplace – and I go about my daily business as a woman. The only times I have to pretend I am a man are the days and weekends when you come to visit. So, for one day a week, and every second weekend, I hide away my clothes and my makeup and anything that might lead you to suspect, and pretend to be someone I am not.

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