Why F1’s about to get a whole lot louder

Proposals set out in Paris Tuesday by the FIA, the body that governs world motorsport, called for a new generation of engines to be introduced to the sport from 2021.Follow @cnnsportThe current 1.6-liter V6 turbo hybrid engines are being retained but will be cheaper, simpler and, running at speeds 3,000rpm faster, be more audible from the stands to improve the "fan experience."READ: Lewis Hamilton 'comes of age' to join F1 greats"We've carefully listened to what the fans think about the current power unit and what they would like to see in the near future," said F1 managing director Ross Brawn."The new F1 has the target to be the world's leading global sports competition married to state of the art technology. To excite, engage, and awe fans of all ages but to do so in a sustainable manner. We believe that the future power unit will achieve this."


In the wake of Lewis Hamilton winning a fourth world championship at the Mexico Grand Prix, Brawn acknowledged the sport is at something of a "crossroads," discussing the need not just for cars that "stir emotions," but for more teams capable of winning races. The new powertrain, a term which refers to the parts of a car that deliver power, will create "the conditions to facilitate new manufacturers," his statement claims, creating a "more leveled field in the sport.""Today was a key step in the development of the Power Unit regulations for 2021," said Peter Bayer, FIA Secretary-General for Sport. READ: Hamilton survives collision to clinch world title"The FIA has been working with the Commercial Rights Holder to define a positive step forward for these regulations which maintain Formula One's place at the pinnacle of motor sport technology whilst addressing the key issues facing the sport such as cost, road relevance and fan experience at the racetrack. Visit for more news and features"We felt it was important to bring the teams into the discussions today and explain the direction we are taking and I'm pleased with the response we have received."


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