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When you share the name of a famous person on Twitter and someone insists you change it

This could very well be peak Twitter. It’s certainly peak something.

There is a basketball player with the same name as me. This person is upset with me because of it.

— Aaron W. Gordon (@A_W_Gordon) November 2, 2017

That exchange in full.




Fake news!

This is one of the most online things I’ve seen. Can’t do anything but tip my cap.

— David Roth (@david_j_roth) November 2, 2017

And just in case you’re wondering who the other Aaron Gordon is.

Oh Dude, the other AG, can really dunk, he has his own GIF

— Holly Taggart (@holly_taggart) November 2, 2017

I mean, you can kind of use this gif to explain the DM exchange tbh

— Gaber205 (@Gaber205) November 2, 2017

There is a post-script.

The funny thing is I have even kind of written about this before

— Aaron W. Gordon (@A_W_Gordon) November 2, 2017

And another.

Ladies and gentlemen,

— Aaron W. Gordon (@A_W_Gordon) November 2, 2017


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