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Kids given biscuits 18 years past their sell by date as Halloween trick or treat

With kids going out to collect sweets at Halloween it might be an idea to check some of the stuff they are picking up as PR guy Adrian Johnson found out.

His children were given a packet of chocolate digestives so old that they are eligible to vote.

Think I’ve just eaten a biscuit (from a packet given to our kids while trick or treating) that went out of date 18 years ago. Not joking.

— Adrian Johnson (@adrian_johnson) October 31, 2017

Yep, look at that date. It’s pre-millennium of 15th of May 1999.

These are biscuits that were suitable to eat when Livin’ La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin topped the charts and Phantom Menace was in the cinema.

“Neighbour gave the full packet to the kids tonight.Don’t think this specific brand exists anymore. Is there a doctor in the house?” writes Adrian Johnson.

This packet of biscuits is so old that McVitie’s don’t even make them anymore.

But what did they taste like?

“Horrendous. I wretched into the sink. But I’m alive this morning?” writes Adrian Johnson.

But there is a happy ending.

“The kids were interviewed on BBC radio tonight. It’s made their week.” writes Adrian Johnson.

Maybe the true spirit of Halloween is trying to trick the kids with dodgy food?

Source: Twitter/@adrian_johnson


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