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This Twitter thread comparing Trump to the “parable of the Scorpion and the Frog” has gone viral because it’s… well YOU read it

This must-read twitter thread has gone viral, comparing Trump to the parable of the Scorpion and the Frog.

It’s quite a ride.

And we’ve quoted the rest to make it easy to read.

All of this recent Trump stuff reminds me of the parable of the Scorpion and the Frog. A Frog needs to cross a river. The Scorpion says, “Get on my back and I’ll take you across.”

The Frog says, “But what if you sting me?” The Scorpion says, “I won’t sting you, I promise.”

So the Frog gets on the Scorpion’s back and they start to swim across. After a few seconds, the Scorpion says, “You know, Frogs are rapists, and murderers, and I’m gonna build a wall to keep you all out.”

Then he says, “This is what disabled Frogs are like,” and he makes a series of unpleasant gestures. Then he says, “I grabbed a bunch of Frogs by the frog pussy, and I’m a star, so they let me do it.”

The Frog remained quiet, but he was getting a little, like, freaked out. Then the Scorpion said, “John McCain isn’t a hero because he got captured,” and “STDs are my Vietnam,” and “I know more than generals.”

Then he said, “Obama wasn’t born in the U.S. and I have proof.” The Frog said “What is it?” but the Scorpion didn’t say. Then the Scorpion’s whole family met withRussian oligarchs in secret. “That’s illegal,” said the Frog. “Fake news,” said the Scorpion. “But I’m literally watching it happen, right in front of me,” said the Frog. “The NFL players shouldn’t kneel!” said the Scorpion. The Frog got confused because the subject had changed to NFL players kneeling. The Frog was pretty mentally fatigued, by this point. Then the Scorpion dismantled a bunch of safety regulations and appointed a ton of awful judges and tried to ban entire religions. “Where are we going,” asked the Frog suddenly, “this isn’t the way across.” “I’m going golfing for the 75th time in 10 months,” he said. “That seems like a lot,” said the Frog. “Fuck you, I’m the Scorpion, I can do whatever. Also, who are you, and why are you on my back?”

“I’m the Frog,” he said. “Do you have advanced dementia?” “No! My brain great! I’m the smartest Scorpion in the…” He looked confused. “…The ‘world?’” asked the Frog. But the Scorpion was just watching TV and yelling at the screen. Then he dozed off. The Frog was freaked out. He read an article in the NY Times that some Frogs in the Midwest still liked the Scorpion. It was pointless. When they got to the riverbed, he hopped off. Then the Scorpion stung him! As he was dying, the Frog said, “Why did you do that?”

The Scorpion replied, “I don’t fucking know. Why do I do anything? I’m 71, a complete asshole, and my brain has massively deteriorated.”

“But you guys elected me — well, you and the Russians — and the GOP is so horny for tax cuts for rich people they won’t do shit.”

“Am I sorry I stung you? No. I could careless. Business at my riverbank hotel is up 30%. I’m rolling in dough. Also who are you?”

The Frog died. The Scorpion was last seen getting into a limo with Lindsey Graham, wearing a polo shirt and dark pants. And that’s the ancient fable of the Scorpion and the Frog. You can see why it sort of reminds me of what’s going on.


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