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Story of how Neville Southall nearly became Everton manager has a great punchline

Everton are looking for a new manager again, which reminded Simon Ricketts on Twitter of the time the manager’s job nearly went to Neville Southall.

This is Neville Southall, the larger than life goalkeeper who recently made headlines after he attacked the Tories with a series of surreal skeleton tweets.

Anyway, back to the story.

Neville Southall nearly became Everton's caretaker manager, says the club’s former press officer. Great story. (Strong language).

— SimonNRicketts (@SimonNRicketts) October 24, 2017

Just in case you can’t read it (Alan Myers is Everton’s former communications director) here it is again.

“I don’t think anybody, including Neville himself, was aware of how close he came to becoming Everton manager.

I was outside Bellefield with Peter Johnson the morning after Joe [Royle] had left and we were discussing who should take over as caretaker boss.

‘I have a shortlist of two’ said the chairman. ‘Dave Watson and Neville, but I’m leaning towards Neville because a goalkeeper has less responsibility on the pitch.’

At this point Neville pulls up in the carpark – it was early and he was always first in for training – gets out his car and heads to the Bellefield entrance.

Seeing me he yells, ‘Alright Alan, you fat cunt!’ As he headed in through the doors, Peter says, very dryly, ‘I think the shortlist is down to one.’”

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