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When you’re absolutely, totally convinced your horse weighs 15,000 lbs

If only we shared this person’s courage of their convictions. They’re totally wrong, obviously, but we’d love to believe in ourselves as much as this person does in this exchange shared by @luxlazuli on Twitter.

It’s around this point it REALLY takes off.

Let’s look at the evidence.

Bigger than a bull African Elephant, maybe she’s confused about species. I saw someone confuse a tiger with a lion at the zoo once.

— Angel Baby (@luxlazuli) October 21, 2017

I got my giant horse out of prison

— Angel Baby (@luxlazuli) October 22, 2017

A 7 ton horse walks into a bar. Bartender says why the long face? Also you’re huge

— sawdust caesar (@BrockTotally) October 21, 2017

I believe this horse exists

— Halloweangus (@anguslivingston) October 21, 2017

— (@Joshubuh) October 21, 2017

her horse is really ten horses in a giant trench coat

— bugbear (@beardontcare) October 21, 2017

15,000 lbs? Someone about to be invaded…

— Ian (@KerbstompAu) October 21, 2017

Who walks barefoot next to their horse elephant

— fionARGH! (@fionachataway) October 22, 2017

For some reason, her use of "lair" concerns me more than her 7-ton horse

— E Dub (@ErickWeber) October 22, 2017



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