Watch: Epic Superman punch ends MMA fighter’s night at Cage Wars 34

The Superman punch is rarely seen in MMA with few fighters confident enough to pull off the spectacular move.

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But, on Saturday at Cage Wars 34 in New York, one MMA fighter decided it was the fight time to produce the flying punch.

In a brilliant moment of flying beauty, the fighter flew at his opponent and landed a fantastic punch.

Once struck, his opponent stumbles backwards and it’s not long after that the referee decides he was in no condition to continue.

Video: MMA fighter DESTROYS opponent with a SUPERMAN punch
WWE star Roman Reigns often uses a Superman punch (Picture: Getty)

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The Superman punch came back into fashion recently after MMA fans found out Conor McGregor could use the move against Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match.

The strike is not outlawed in boxing, but is more commonly used in MMA, as seen in the above video and was made famous by Roman Reigns in the WWE.

The most famous example of a Superman punch being used in a boxing ring is when featherweight champion Julio Cesar Chavez ,managed to hit Roger Mayweather so hard, he went through the ropes.

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