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How was your weekend running?

Come and share your weekend tales of running glory, nursing niggles or getting covered in cross country mud as always

Today I’m going to start with some running top tips for you, from your expert running blog editor. Firstly, never postpone your Sunday long run until after a birthday party: it won’t happen. Secondly, when instead running this long run on a Monday morning, remember to get on the tube going the right way. Thirdly, if you do get the one the wrong way, try to notice before you’ve rattled past five stops. Yup, Monday is going well so far. Is it bedtime yet?

So, it was a bit of a hectic weekend, but with rather little actual running for me. On Saturday I took part in the Surrey Masters cross-country championships (don’t click on that link if you prefer your websites to have been designed in the last twenty years, by the way) in Richmond Park. Despite a fairly low turnout from our team, we managed to finish second overall in our age group (‘ancient but not as ancient as some’, as I believe it’s official known) and win silver medals. My lack of enthusiasm for cross country has been noted on this blog before, but at least the Richmond Park course involved very little mud, albeit quite a lot of hill and wind.

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