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Hotel guests who complain about rough sleepers spoiling their view can sod off

It’s hard to ignore homeless people as winter descends. Why shouldn’t I give someone who looks half-starved money or food as I’m leaving a supermarket laden with groceries? Until there are policy changes that help, I’ll do what I like

I came out of a meeting one evening last week with some chums, and there was a fellow lying on the pavement in the doorway under his duvet with a couple of bags of possessions. He needed milk for his cereal. So we got him some, plus a bowl, spoon, sugar and a nice hot cup of tea, because it was chilly and starting to drizzle. And we didn’t think he was there as a fun lifestyle choice.

Winter is arriving, and here we go again. In the cold, homeless rough sleepers are more troubling to see. So troubling that they quite ruin the view from some London hotels. Guests have been moaning away about the unsightly clusters of homeless humans visible from their windows, so the hotels have been moaning at Camden council, who must now do their best to make the pavements less comfy, and discourage us from giving money, snacks or tents to anyone sodden and freezing on the ground. It only encourages the destitute. To carry on being destitute.

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