Friday Night Fights: High School Football Game Canceled After Brawl Breaks Out in Stands

A southern California high school canceled their football game Friday night after a brawl broke out in the stands before the start of the game.

The Desert Sunreports that the Friday night fight, which occurred shortly before Desert Hot Springs High School was set to square off against Coachella Valley High School, got so out of hand that the Desert Hot Springs High School principal called off the game.

Shocking video shows the moment multiple people began ganging up on a man in a blue jersey in the home team section of the stands right before kickoff. The fight escalated and moved towards the Desert Hot Springs locker room once more people jumped in.

After security subdued the first fight, another fight took place in the stands when a Desert Hot Springs player ran off the field to join the brawl in the stands.

DHS wide receiver Joziaha Winfrey allegedly got involved in the fight after he witnessed an adult try to punch his father. Winfrey allegedly punched back to defend his father, according to the Desert Sun.

Winfrey’s father reportedly got involved in the second fight after someone allegedly attacked him while he was trying to defend a student.

DHS principal George Bullis called off the game once players joined the bleacher-wide brawl.

DHS athletic director Kai Lyles said the school decided to call off the game for the safety of those attending the game.

“It was one of those decisions that was made based on the safety of the spectators and players,” Lyles said. “It’s an unfortunate turn of events. I don’t even know what took place yet, so I’ll have to figure that out.”

The opposing team, Coachella Valley, offered to make up the game on Saturday, but Lyles said the school decided to keep the cancellation after police began investigating the incident.

The canceled game also happened to be DHS’s Senior Night, where players and cheerleaders who are high school seniors are honored at a home game.

Police have not made any arrests in connection with this incident so far.


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