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Radio message saving children’s lives in Burkina Faso

An accompanying study showed that it is also one of the most cost-effective ways of saving children's lives. "The study showed that in the areas which received the radio intervention, there was an increase in the amount of children being taken to health facilities. In particular, that increase was for the conditions that were the focus for the campaign: malaria,
Latin America

Nicaragua forces ‘regain control’ of protest city Masaya

The Nicaraguan city of Masaya, which has been at the centre of anti-government protests, is back under state control, the government says. The announcement comes after forces loyal to President Daniel Ortega violently clashed with activists in the Monimbó neighbourhood on Tuesday. Residents described coming "under siege" from police and paramilitaries. Human rights
Latin America

Ecuador’s colonial past ‘written in soil’

The arrival of European settlers in Ecuador had a profound effect on the country's population and environment. This is according to new findings from The Open University. Researchers studying soil cores from the Quijos valley found that they revealed a detailed story of the area's history after Spanish settlers arrived in the 1500s. The subsequent decimation