Transactions in pubs double as World Cup fever hits Britain

With the World Cup now in full swing, pubs and clubs will be hoping that football and good weather will bring fans in their droves and patch over a miserable winter which saw poor weather keep a lot of consumers indoors.

New analysis has shown that bars and membership organisations like social clubs are benefiting from England's World Cup run, while gyms are perhaps unsurprisingly suffering from people opting to have a pint and watch the football than go and work out.

Fintech firm SumUp analysed 200,000 transactions made in a number of businesses during England's first three matches.

Compared to the equivalent days a month before, it found transactions in bars nearly doubled, soaring 126.9 per cent, while spending in social clubs was up 24.3 per cent.

Grocery stores, fast food restaurants and delivery services also enjoyed a boom in spending, going up 17.3 per cent, 17.9 per cent and 11.2 per cent respectively.

The fitness industry on the other hand has seen spending reduce slightly by 10.6 per cent, as did recreational activities like art clubs and activity groups, where spending went down 6.3 per cent.

Marc-Alexander Christ, Co-founder of SumUp, comments:

The World Cup can be a massive boost for a number of industries, but the draw of delighting in the atmosphere of a bar remains an unbeatable feeling.

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