Photographer mom captures real life with 3 little boys

If it's true that girls are "sugar and spice and everything nice," then it must also be true that boys are made of "snips and snails and puppy dogs' tails."

But in reality, there are plenty of girls who love snails and boys who are sugar-sweet, too.

Sara Easter, a photographer and mom of three boys, shared with ABC News images of her guys as they grow up.

Moms of boys can relate to the mix of wild and sweet moments that define life.

"I want to have photos of them as they really are," Easter told "Good Morning America." "I photograph them this way because, as much as I love a beautiful portrait, I also want photos that tell more about who my kids are. I like to capture their quirks, interests and their shenanigans of course!"

The Arlington, Texas, photographer describes her sons — ages 4, 7 and 9 — as "loud and constantly moving."

But, she added, "they are also incredibly sweet, though. As much as they fight and argue they really have each other's backs. They can push each other's buttons but they are also each other's biggest supporters. Oh, and there is the peeing. Nothing can prepare you to walk into a dark bathroom in the middle of the night and step into a puddle of pee left by a kid with not-so-great aim."

There are stereotypes to raising boys, Easter said, adding that her photos do support some of those.

"I often show my boys being wild, adventurous and taking risks. Because these things are all true for my boys. It is not to say that they are true for all boys or that they do not also apply to girls. I also work hard to take photos of my boys in their quieter moments. I try to show them when they are being kind, thoughtful, sensitive and loving because they are all those things as well."

Easter told "GMA" that one photo in particular stands out: "One of my favorite pictures if the one of my son being comforted by his dad after a baseball game. I love it because it shows the softer side of both of them, that little boys can be vulnerable and that men can be nurturing."

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