Police identify Canberra man found dead on neighbour’s doorstep as mystery grows

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A man who died on his neighbour's doorstep with suspicious injuries had been violently assaulted, police have revealed.

Bobby Stuart Allan, 48, died outside the house in Rivett, Canberra, in the early hours of Sunday.

Police have yet to reveal the specific nature of his injuries but said in a press conference they believed he had met a violent end after being attacked.

It is believed he had gone to neighbours' houses in Goodenia Street, seeking help for his injuries.

"He met with foul play, definitely met with foul play," Detective Superintendent Scott Moller said.

"He was assaulted."

Mr Allan lived at 47 Goodenia Street, a short distance from the house where he died.

Police said a car he owned could play a crucial role in their investigation.

A white ute with red panelling on the front.

A white and red Ford Falcon ute, with NSW registration BS8 2FE, which was usually at the property is suspected in having a role in Mr Allan's death.

It was identified as missing at the time of his death.

"Police suspect that the vehicle was involved in this incident in some way," Superintendent Moller said.

"The vehicle has subsequently been located in the Fisher Shops on the afternoon of Wednesday the 20th of December."

Police at the scene of a suspicious death in Canberra

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